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Protection from Violence

Any woman who experiences violence or is threatened by violence can go to a women’s refuge, regardless of her origin, nationality or religion. We accept adult women and their children. We have a wheelchair-accessible apartment for women in wheelchairs.

We define violence against women as psychological, physical, sexualized, economic and digital violence as well as stalking and forced marriage. With us there is no burden of proof, we believe you. The address of the women’s refuge is secret for security reasons.

The first step is to call us

You can reach us day and night at (07621) 49 325. Together we will clarify whether the Autonomous Women’s Refuge Lörrach is the right place for you. By calling, you do not enter into any obligation. Conversations will be treated confidentially, you can also remain anonymous.

If possible, bring the following items with you

Bring clothes, ID cards, important documents (health insurance cards, contracts, etc.), medication and your children’s favorite stuffed animal. If this is not possible, we will give you the most necessary items and support you in retrieving important papers.

If you have more time to pack: PACKING LIST

The most important thing

Protect yourself and your children. In dangerous situations, call the police (Tel. 110). The police can also accompany you to the meeting point with the women’s refuge employee.

Protection, counseling and accommodation at the women`s refuge

A counselor is there for you and supports you in developing new perspectives. She will advise you on legal, administrative and organizational issues and put you in touch with specialists. You always decide for yourself which path you want to take and which steps you want to plan next. We work according to the principle of helping people to help themselves.

Children of all ages are welcome. We support and advise both you as a mother and your children. We help you with the daily structure and leisure activities for your children.

Help phone Lörrach 24/7
(07621) 49 325

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